2018 Programme

Inmarsat, London | 15 - 16 May 2019

​​Thursday, 19 April 2018 – Main conference


Breakfast briefing – The rise of airport urbanism

An informal breakfast session providing additional networking and learning time for delegates and speakers.

The briefing, led by Cranfield University’s Henrik Rothe will challenge the industry to make airports slim again, introducing strategies towards smarter and more efficient airports.

Henrik Rothe, senior lecturer air transport management, Cranfield University


Registration and morning refreshments


Chair’s welcome

Mark Hansford, editor, New Civil Engineer


Political address: The vision for aviation as a driver of UK plc

Outlining the long-term strategy for UK aviation and its role in driving regional and national economic growth. How does the government plan to support continued, sustainable growth of UK airports and connectivity? How could Brexit affect the sector and the government’s future aviation strategy?

Baroness Sugg, parliamentary under secretary of state for transport


Debate – How should the industry best manage the UK’s unprecedented passenger growth in the short and long term?

Drawing on expectations of airlines, airports and passengers, the panel will explore where we the aviation sector is and where it needs to be to support sustainable growth. What is needed from our airport infrastructure to meet demand in the next 5-10 years and what does the industry need to do to prepare for aviation in 50 years’ time? What should airports and air traffic look like, and how will sustainability, technology and customer service play into such aspirations?

Richard Moriarty, director of consumers & markets group & deputy chief executive, Civil Aviation Authority
Karen Dee, chief executive, Airport Operators Association
Graham Bolton, chair, British Aviation Group


Morning refreshments break


Aircraft spotlight – What to expect from the next generation of aircraft fleet

Insight into the innovations being pushed through with aircraft and what impact hey could have on infrastructure. How will future aircraft shape our airport spaces and infrastructure over the next 10- 20 years?

Peter Esteie, head of ground operations & airport safety, Airbus


Tech trends in the aviation sector – The rise of autonomous vehicles?

An overview of developments of autonomous vehicles and current airside trials at UK and international airports. How are airports and suppliers mitigating the safety risks involved? How will the introduction of autonomous vehicles impact on the future design of airport spaces?


Tech trends in the aviation sector – Where are we with passenger journey automation?

Exploring developments in autonomation such as bag drop off, self-check in, self-boarding gates, and the learnings to date. What are airports aspirations for streamlining the passenger journey and where will future innovation be focused? What does passenger journey automation mean for the future design of airport spaces?

Simon Wilcox, programme manager – automation of the passenger journey, Heathrow


Speaker Q&A panel


Networking lunch


Delivering the customer experience at Bristol Airport

Driving customer service standards while enhancing airport infrastructure in a live environment – what are the challenges and learnings for Bristol? An update on the story so far – the challenges of sweating out assets and the innovative approaches that have worked – and the short and long-term plans for the airport.

Andrew Goodenough, development director, Bristol Airport


Meeting the increasing demand in the South – Southampton Airport’s vision for the next 20 years

Revealing the ambitions for growth and master plan for sustainable development up to 2037, highlighting priorities for development and enhancement, from surface access to technology. Shorter-term, how is the airport advancing existing airside projects and smaller scale improvements?

Andrew Goodenough, development director, Bristol Airport

David Lees, managing director, Southampton Airport


Airports as economic engines for growth – Aspirations for Luton Airport

Considering the impact of airports on the local area and how they can contribute to the region as economic engine for growth, driving opportunities and jobs. How is Luton Airport working with local authorities to capitalise on such opportunities? What plans are in place to drive growth and connectivity to the local area?

Alejo Perez Monsalvo, CAPEX director, Luton Airport
Anita Gackowska, development director, London Luton Airport Limited (LLAL), Luton Council


Speaker Q&A panel


Afternoon refreshments break


Airport expansion: Gearing up to develop and construct a new runway at Heathrow

An update from the client team on developments and plans for R3: the master plan options and the procurement and delivery strategy. What will be done different – where is the team looking to innovate and what are they looking for from the supply chain?

Rob Ewen, delivery director, Heathrow expansion programme, Heathrow Airport


Stansted Airport – Managing unprecedented passenger growth with existing infrastructure

Examining the level of unprecedented growth, the challenges it places on the existing infrastructure and the solutions being explored to manage Stansted sustainably, from stable and efficient security systems to working better with data to be more predictive. How does the expansion programme play into the smooth running of the airport and how are developments of current projects advancing?

Brad Miller, chief operating officer, Stansted Airport


Connecting the Midlands – Driving growth and connectivity at Birmingham Airport

Setting out the airport’s master plan to drive capacity and connectivity in the region. What are the plans for advancing surface access and how does the airport plan to mitigate challenges of constructing HS2 on the external operations and accessibility of the airport? Outlining the connectivity plans and ambitions for the Hub, and what opportunities that will bring for continued growth and expansion at Birmingham Airport.

Rob Eaton, head of planning transport and strategy, Birmingham Airport
Huw Rhys Lewis, managing director, Urban Growth Company


Speaker Q&A panel


Chair’s closing remarks


Close of Airports 2018

​​Wednesday, 18 April 2018 – Innovation, technology and smart airport development seminar


Registration and refreshments


Facilitator’s welcome

Mark Hansford, editor, New Civil Engineer


Digitising the design process across Manchester Airports Group

Insight into Manchester Airports Group’s (MAG) approach to airport design to drive efficiency and engage delivery partners – how is the design process being digitised across MAG and how will this shape airport design and development in the future?

Paul Willis, engineering services director, MAG


Driving productivity through remote logistics hubs for Heathrow Airport

A year on from Heathrow Airport’s launch of remote logistics hubs for offsite manufacture, the airport will share an update on the development of those hubs, including details of the long list, the process to determine the shortlist and how the hubs will feed into the delivery model for the third runway.

Maya Jani, expansion procurement director, Heathrow Airport


Industry panel: Technology, deliverability, skills and labour – what will the industry look like in 2030?

Against the backdrop of increasing airport capacity, driving sustainable development, emerging technology trends and major projects on the horizon, what engineering and construction challenges does the industry face and what is needed from airports and the supply chain to meet these challenges? Where does the industry need to nurture skills and innovation across the sector?

Nigel Cole, director of construction, Mace
Maya Jani, expansion procurement director, Heathrow Airport
Matthew Butters, aviation director, Pascall+Watson


Networking refreshments break


International case study - Oslo Airport

Exploring the innovative design and engineering approaches at the world's greenest airport - Oslo Airport.

Christian Henriksen, partner, Nordic - Office of Architecture
Daniel Bosia, design director, AKT II


SME innovation hub – pitch your aviation solutions to the industry

The session invites SMEs to pitch their innovative products and solutions to the industry in just 10 minutes (5 minutes for pitches and 5 minutes for questions). At the end of the session, delegates will be asked to vote for their favourite pitch based on the best solution and the best pitch! Pitch themes: design, logistics, baggage handling, security, productivity.


Facilitator’s closing remarks


Close of Airports 2018 seminar

2018 Programme

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