Inmarsat, London | 15 - 16 May 2019

2019 Programme

Connectivity and sustainability workshop - 15 May


Main session

13:30 Registration and refreshments

Facilitator’s Welcome

Mark Hansford, editor, New Civil Engineer


What airport expansion means for rail networks

Exploring the strategic planning process, financing and maintenance responsibility of the increased demands for rail networks across the UK in response to airport expansion and their requirements to provide sustainable methods of transport to meet growing passenger numbers

Rupert Walker, strategy and planning director, Network Rail


Case study: Luton DART: An insight into the £200 million joint investment 

Creating the Direct Air to Rail Transit to meet demand and expansion plans, and exploring how it will integrate with existing transport assets and networks


Case Study: Windsor train station as a satellite terminal:

Initiating a futuristic approach to air travel to improve passenger experience while providing a solution to overcrowded security and terminals.

15:10 Speaker Panel Q+A
15:20 Networking and refreshments break

Debate: To what extent do airport materials, design and infrastructure need to change to meet growing environmental constraints?

Discussing how future airports will be constructed within sustainable and climate conscious constraints and the impacts for the industry. What alternatives are the industry able to look at? What are the safety implications? How can airports reduce cost, CO2 emissions and expand efficiently?


Reducing the carbon footprint through off site manufacturing

Discussing how off-site manufacturing in hubs is contributing to Heathrow’s driving force of becoming a carbon neutral airport and what this means for logistics, traffic management, CO2 emissions in the supply chain.

Darren Colderwood, development director, Heathrow

17:00 Speaker Panel Q+A
17:10 Facilitator closing remarks
17:20 Close of workshop

Main conference day – 16 May


Main sessions


8:00 Registration and refreshments   Breakfast Briefing (invite only)
Is technology a sustainable solution to airport expansion?
Investigating how using technology can improve airport asset performance and the efficiency against a trend of growing passenger numbers.
9:00 Chair’s Welcome
Mark Hansford, editor, New Civil Engineer

Airports as intermodal transport hubs:  

Taking a futuristic look into how airport operations can facilitate how and where terminals operate synthesising the city’s airports with the urban centre.
Henrik Rothe, senior lecturer, Cranfield University


Keynote Address:

Gaining perspective on sustainability, connectivity and technology in the airport sector and understanding how this could change, transform and shape the future airports of the world.


Panel discussion: Effects of new technology and changing social factors on airports and their assets

As technology advances, this could significantly impact an airport’s tradition revenue streams. Hear three experts discuss how advancements will challenge airports traditional revenue streams and what this means for the design, infrastructure and strategic planning for airports.
Ben Lewis, infrastructure and energy director, Barton Wilmore
Cristiano Ceccato, associate director, Zaha Hadid

10:40 Refreshments and networking

Airport Lounge open

Join three major airports in the lounge for 1-2-1 meetings and discussion on their development plans.


Strategising growth to create a futureproof masterplan

Revealing Gatwick’s masterplan to meet demand of growing passenger numbers and what this means for existing and new assets.
Gatwick Airport

Boardroom Brief (invite only)
Using technology to bridge the skills gap

Exploring the impact that investments in technology can have for reducing the volume of people required on a project, how this affects safety, project time and procurement and what is holding back UK airports.


Bristol Airport: Choosing a preferred and futureproofed masterplan to achieve expansion

Understanding how they have created their preferred masterplan and the projects required to achieve the desired development and efficiency.
Simon Earls, planning and sustainability director, Bristol Airport


Dublin Airport: Developing the consultative infrastructure plans for expansion.

Revealing how Dublin engaged with stakeholders to ensure they can future proof their airport’s infrastructure for short-long term expansion and what opportunities lie ahead in next five years.


Stansted Airport: managing unprecedented passenger growth

Outlining the steps Stansted airport will be taking to drive efficiency of their assets and improve capacity

Paul Willis, programme delivery director, MAG

12:30 Networking Lunch Airport Lounge open
Join three major airports in the lounge for 1-2-1 meetings and discussion on their development plans.

Striving to improve airport knowledge through smart technology and analysis

Discussing best practice in using drones for airport asset management and how they can help drive efficiency over the life of an asset reduce through more proactive maintenance.


Heathrow: Driving efficiency through automation of T5 to increase passenger capacity

Insight into Heathrow’s project to increase Terminal 5 passenger numbers by 25% to 40 million through implementing technology to unlock passenger bottlenecks and improve passenger experience.


Manchester Airport’s Group: Enhancing passenger experience through development of MAG-O.

Investing in a technology division to hone inhouse experience and inspiration to improve the airport experience for passengers and explaining why airports should be following the example of leading tech firms.

14:50 Speaker Q+A
15:00 Afternoon refreshments and networking

Airport Lounge open

Join three major airports in the lounge for 1-2-1 meetings and discussion on their development plans.


Innovation Gateway

The top 3 finalists will present their pioneering ideas to drive productivity in airport projects and assets to a panel of esteem industry judges. You and the judges will have a chance to vote for the one you believe could have the greatest impact for the sector before the winner is announced at the end of the day.


Airlines driving design of airport assets

Debating the influence that airlines have over what are current and future airports look like, contrasting different approaching being employed in the UK and globally and what this means for the supply chain.

16:40 Speaker Q&A  
16:55 Innovation Gateway winner announced  
17:05 Chair’s closing remarks  
17:15 Close of airports 2019  
17:15-18:15 Drinks reception  

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