11-12 November | Victoria Park Plaza London

 Karen Dee

Karen Dee

chief executive

Airport Operators Association

  Michael  Forster

Michael Forster

strategy director


 Simon  Earles

Simon Earles

planning and sustainability director

Bristol Airport

 Jason   Fowler

Jason Fowler

deputy chair

British Aviation Group

  Paul Smith

Paul Smith

group director of consumers


  Stephen  Byrne

Stephen Byrne

head of design and delivery

Dublin Airport Authority

  Tim  Norwood

Tim Norwood

chief planning officer

Gatwick Airport

  Ross  Nimmo

Ross Nimmo

lead for strategic masterplanning

Glasgow Airport

  Tomas  Stokke

Tomas Stokke


Haptic Architects

 Darren Colderwood

Darren Colderwood

delivery director


 Rob Ewen

Rob Ewen

delivery director, expansion programme


 Phil  Wilbraham

Phil Wilbraham

expansion programme director

Heathrow Airport

  Carl  Dainter

Carl Dainter

global head of aviation


  Paul  Willis

Paul Willis

group strategy director

Manchester Airport Group

  Neil  Robinson

Neil Robinson

corporate social responsibility director

Manchester Airports Group

  Knut  Hovland

Knut Hovland

partner and lead designer

Nordic - Office of Architecture

 Martin Moe

Martin Moe

Senior Architect

Nordic- Office of Architecture

Matthew Butters

Matthew Butters



  Darrell  Swanson

Darrell Swanson

subject matter expert

Swanson Aviation Consultancy

The Expert Speaker Panel



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