Rupert Walker

Inmarsat, London | 15 - 16 May 2019

Industry expert

Rupert Walker

Rupert Walker

strategy and planning director , Network Rail

As Strategy and Planning Director Rupert leads the System Operator team
planning the future of the rail network in the south of England including

Rupert and his team work closely with the Network Rail route teams for
Anglia, South East, Wessex and Freight & National Passenger Operators, and
train and freight operator customers, to try and get the most out of existing rail
capacity and plan for where new capacity is needed, balancing the needs of
the routes with a network wide perspective.

The team also seek out opportunities for third party investment in the railway,
including development led proposals, working with government, local
authorities, sub-national transport bodies and other funders to realise project
benefits for passengers and freight users.

Rupert joined the railways in December 2000 and has led the development
stages of several landmark projects including HS2, Crossrail, Reading station,
Thameslink, and ERTMS.

His ambition is to travel on HS2 from Euston to Manchester before his

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