Tomas Stokke

11-12 November | Victoria Park Plaza

Industry expert

  Tomas  Stokke

Tomas Stokke

co-founder , Haptic Architects

Tomas is a co-founder of Haptic Architects, established in 2009. Tomas heads up Haptics international projects, as well as its large-scale infrastructure projects. At Haptic, Tomas has led several projects within a variety of sectors and is responsible for Haptics contribution to the new Istanbul Airport, the new Norwegian Government Headquarters the new Oslo Aquarium and a number of hotels, mixed use developments and aviation projects in the UK, Norway and beyond.

Tomas was educated at the Bartlett, University College London and has taught, lectured, exhibited and been published internationally, and has experience in global jury work. Recently Tomas has been charged with establishing Haptics R&D arm, Haptic Green which has a special focus on tackling issues relating to the climate crisis. Tomas also oversees the Haptic Unit at the Bartlett, University College London, a triple accredited program which takes a holistic approach to finding sustainable solutions to today’s challenges.

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