FP McCann

Inmarsat, London | 15 - 16 May 2019


FP McCann

FP McCann is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete products with an extensive supply capability throughout the UK’s construction and civil engineering sectors.

With an in-house specialist team working with 3D modelling software such as BIM and Tekla, precast concrete solutions can be designed for safe and cost-effective installation and long-term, low maintenance performance.

Most airports require the construction of large concrete pits for the main electrical and communications networks. An off-site built modular precast concrete design has been developed by FP McCann that is simply assembled on site. The product and installation process significantly reduces construction works and the movement of ‘wet trades’ in the airport environment. On-site activity, noise and runway possession times are all reduced. Compared with a traditional in-situ method of deep pit build, a FP McCann modular precast system can reduce man hours on-site by up to 95%.

FP McCann offers the full range of Power and Infrastructure solutions including precast concrete cable troughs, communication boxes, specialist reinforced walling systems for fire and blast protection and a bespoke design service to suit specialist applications.

For further information on our Power and Infrastructure precast concrete solutions, please contact our sales team on 01353 861416 or email sales@fpmccann.co.uk.

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